Anguilla (United Kingdom)

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Shoal Bay Beach4.880
Sandy Island, Anguilla4.115
Shoal Bay4.913
Heritage Collection Museum4.112
Anguilla Watersports4.510
Rendezvous Bay4.89
Little Bay59
Dog Island, Anguilla3.79
Captain's Bay4.69
St. Gerard Church, The Valley4.47
Savannah Gallery56
Anguilla Arch4.85
Katouche Bay3.65
Meads Bay Pond44
Crocus Bay Beach4.24
Sandy Hill Bay2.84
Prickly Pear Cays53
Scilly Cay53
Sombrero, Anguilla3.73
Crocus Bay4.73
Forest Bay43
Crocus Hill32
Maundays Bay31
Barnes Bay11
Shoal Bay West51
Seal Island, Anguilla41
Fountain Cavern National Park51
Limestone Bay51
Little Scrub51
Cove Pond41
Elsie Bay41
West End Bay41
West End Village00
Wallblake House00
Scrub Island, Anguilla00
Crocus Bay Road00
Cove Bay00
Merrywing Bay00
Devonish Art Gallery00
Long Bay00
Savannah Bay00
Little Harbour00
Pelican Bay00
Sherricks Bay00
Sile Bay00
Anguilla Channel00

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