The Gambia

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Craft Market3.9275
Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool4.2238
Katchikali Sacred Crocodile Pool4.2220
Bijilo Forest Park4.1206
Monkey Park4187
Albert Market3.994
Kunta Kinteh Island4.568
Arch 223.762
Gambia National Museum3.954
Bakau craft market439
Wassu Stone Circles435
Brikama Craft Market4.530
Tanje Village Museum426
Abuko Nature Reserve3.916
Fort Bullen4.515
Banjul Central Mosque411
Pipeline Mosque4.811
Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve3.710
Serrekunda Market Mosque3.710
Salagi Forest Park4.67
Jinack Island4.76
Kotu Stream4.56
MacCarthy Island3.24
Baboon Island43
Cape Point beach43
Banjul Island52
Fort James Island41
River Gambia National Park00
Kiang West National Park00
Niumi National Park00
Tanji Bird Reserve00
Furuyar Forest Park00
Dog Island, Gambia00

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