Country Seychelles

Everything you need to know about the Country Seychelles.

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1Anse Lazio4.8 
2Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market. Victoria Market4 
3Sainte Anne Marine National Park4.6 
4Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden4.2 
5La Digue4.8 
6Vallée de Mai4.4 
7Beau Vallon4.6 
8Curieuse Island4.7 
9Eden Island, Seychelles4.4 
10Anse Source d'Argent4.8 
11Anse Georgette4.8 
12Moyenne Island4.5 
13Morne Seychelles National Park4.8 
14Grande Soeur4.8 
15Anse Severe4.5 
16Cote D'Or Beach4.2 
17Bird Island, Seychelles4.8 
18Anse A La Mouche4.6 
19North Island, Seychelles4.8 
20Cousin Island4.6 
21Frégate Island4.3 
22Anse Intendance4.6 
23Denis Island4.8 
24Cerf Island4.4 
25Félicité Island4.4 
26Desroches Island4.6 
27Ste. Anne Island4 
28Anse Patates4.9 
29Anse Soleil4.5 
30Anse Kerlan4.5 
31Cocos Island, Seychelles4.9 
32Petite Anse4.5 
33Aride Island5 
34Anse Cocos4.8 
36St. Pierre Island4.3 
37Anse Marron4.8 
38Cousine Island4.2 
39Morne Seychellois4 
40Alphonse Atoll3.7 
41Petite Anse4.7 
42La Digue and Inner Islands4.7 
43Round Island, Mahe3.7 
44Astove Island5 
45Anse Lazio0 
46Anse Major Trail0 
47Anse Volbert Village0 
48Port Launay Road0 
49Granitic Seychelles0 
50Veuve Nature Reserve0 

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